In Home Lifestyle Photo Session | 1st Birthday Cake Smash

This family always has so much fun in front of my camera, and it always shows in their photos! This year, when we were deciding on a location to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday with a cake smash as we did for her older sister, I suggested doing the session at home. I think every family should have at least one in-home photo session. They tend to be relaxed and bring out the best in your children, because that is where they spend the most time and are the most comfortable. It also makes the logistics easy for you, and is a great way to document your home.

I’ve been looking through old photos from my grandparents, and when something familiar would appear in a photo, or the living room is where they took fancy photos and it appears over and over again, that all has meaning, and I am grateful those memories of my grandparents home are preserved. And I’m grateful I was able to preserve some memories of this awesome family in their home!

Ft Lauderdale Lifestyle Family Photographer | S Family Vacation Photo Session

This mama was one of my High School friends, who’s left The Sunshine State and resides in The Empire State. I had the pleasure of photographing her family when they were in Florida for the Spring holidays 3 years ago, and when she said they wanted to work together to capture their family’s growth, I was so excited! I love how photography allows me to stay connected to people from my past, and also, it’s always a privilege to document the same families as they evolve.

Mom sounded concerned with what to wear for their family photo session, so I suggested she send me a photo of what she had in mind. She was off to a strong start, and I replied with some suggested links and photos from Old Navy and Children’s Place to complete their look. I’m always happy to help my families style for their sessions, but I definitely try to make it easily accessible and convenient.

Next up was deciding where. Since we were photographing a morning session, it had to be somewhere with shade, so that ruled out the beach. I’m typically able to find shade in urban locations, so we met in downtown Ft Lauderdale to enjoy the morning, and their enjoyment is evident in these images!

So if you’re not local, next time you’re in the area, message me to schedule your Ft Lauderdale vacation photo session!

Wynwood Walls Miami Photographer | Mother Daughter Photo Session

I cannot believe it had been almost 3 years since our last session! But I am so glad these two ladies came before my camera again. They are both absolutely gorgeous, and their love for each other and fun they have together absolutely leaps off the screen, and is so palpable in these images, it makes my heart explode! That was a complete run-on sentence, but all the feels often struggle to find all the words!

Many people worry that at a Wynwood Walls photo session, the walls will overpower the people. I disagree. As an artist who is conveying meaning in my images, I find that the vibrancy of the colorful murals is a perfect enhancement to the vibrancy in the families I have the honor of capturing!