Ft Lauderdale Collection South | Ben's Mitzvah Pre Shoot

I know this boy very well. He is mine! I cannot believe that the next Bar Mitzvah I will be attending is that of my own son!

Ben has been into cars for as long as I can remember. When other kids were learning their ABCs and 123s, Ben was also learning his cars. From nearly the time he could recognize mama and dada, he could tell you that Grandma and Daddy drove a Nissan, Poppy drove a Lexus, and Mommy drove a Honda! He would look out the window and excitedly tell us whenever he saw a ‘Mommy’s car’. And then tell us the make and model.

His appreciation for Hot Wheels has grown from zooming them around our house to displaying some favorites from his collection in his room. And of course, he’s always enjoyed being around the full sized version of his model cars, where he was all smiles this evening.

Ft Lauderdale Mitzvah Photographer | Courtney's Mitzvah Pre Shoot | Sloan's

This sweet girl became a Bat Mitzvah this past weekend. While I work on the images from her special day, I wanted to share this selection from her mitzvah pre-shoot. Her theme was candy, and what better place to take photos than at a candy and ice cream shop!? Mom did a great job on the decor for Courtney’s reception, and used these images in centerpieces and in a sign-in book. I really enjoyed getting to know this family, and can’t wait to share more of them!

Aaron's Sporty Mitzvah Pre Shoot

This awesome teen celebrated his Bar Mitzvah this past weekend, and I'm thrilled to share these images from our sporty mitzvah pre-shoot together!  The theme of his celebration was the Miami Dolphins, so we headed to the local football field for some fun portraits and family time!  These boys are sweet souls who are open and loving with their friends and family, which made them such a pleasure to work with.  Genuine emotion is one of my favorite things to capture, and it was plentiful during this session!