Jared's Bar Mitzvah

Summer means time for mitzvah planning, and also catching up on sharing some of the amazing mitzvahs I had the privilege of capturing this year! Jared's photos are alive with the enthusiasm and excitement he had on his mitzvah day, and I love that 6 months later, looking at these images takes me back to those moments. I'm sure his family feels the same way! 🙂

Katie and Ethan's B'nai Mitzvah - Temple Beth Orr - The Venue Fort Lauderdale

After our dynamic Mitzvah pre shoot in Wynwood, I knew this was going to be a special B'nai Mitzvah.  And it did not disappoint!  Katie and Ethan made their family and friends proud when they completely rocked their service Shabbat morning.  This achievement was followed by an enthusiastic celebration that evening, with special touches that made their event especially memorable, and a blast to photograph!  There was a mime on stilts, a balloon dragon, dancing dragons, and a panda, just to name a few!  These special touches were only matched by this special family.  Their bond is beautiful to witness, and to capture!  A big mazel tov, and I wish you many more joyous simchas to come!

Ryan's Bar Mitzvah

Ryan became a Bar Mitzvah, and his family couldn't be more proud! We captured some photos of him and his family with the Torah, and in some beautiful golden hour light as the sun set!

Camber and Mia's B'nai Mitzvah: The Addison Boca Raton, FL

I really do appreciate how photography has connected me with so many people from my past.  This mama's mama and mine were friends, so we grew up knowing each other.  She even babysat me, and was of course, one of our faves, so I was super excited when she said she'd seen my mitzvah photos on Facebook and was interested in working together to capture her family's upcoming B'nai Mitzvah! 

It was lovely to reconnect as adults, and to share in her beautiful family's simcha.  These two kids are awesome, and totally rocked their mitzvah!  And mom and dad's speech, and all of the video they included in their montage were a lovely peek into the beauty of their lives together.