Shoshana's Trolls Birthday Party

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family several times, and they fill me with joy every time I do.  I was asked to photograph Shoshana's 5th birthday party, since it was the first birthday party she was having.  During the party, I felt like I really got to enjoy the photography and get creative with my angles.  I photograph a lot of bar and bat mitvzahs, and by 13, kids are aware of an adult with a camera, and sometimes when they become aware, it changes the moment a bit.  But not with 5 year olds.  Since they're used to having helpful adults around, and know me from our prior sessions together, I was able to blend in and get close to the moments.  I even got to be a helpful adult too, with opening a water bottle or lollipop or providing a napkin when they didn't even know they needed one. 

When I was looking through the images of this event, I realized I captured so much more than Shoshana's 5th birthday party.  I captured parenthood, and love, and friendship, and trust.  I captured moms and dads and grandparents and kids and friends.  I also captured plenty of so you fun!

Winter Break Family Camp 2017 - Ramah Darom - Clayton, GA

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending Winter Break Family Camp (WBFC) at Ramah Darom in Clayton, GA (about 2.5 hours North of Atlanta) for the second year in a row.  When I have vacation time, I like to travel, and travel days are filled with a morning activity, an afternoon activity, and an evening activity.  No naps, little rest.  I want to see each city as though I'll never return.  

Family camp is different.  It gives us a chance to slow down a bit.  I like to describe it as a cruise, but on land.  That's the easiest way to explain it to someone who's never been.  There are activities for the kids, activities for the adults, family time, 3 communal meals a day, and more adult time after the kids are in bed, all in the beautiful mountains.

Last year I did the Odyssey Ropes Course challenge during the day.  When I went to sign up this year, the day group was full, so I went on the first night!  Not being able to see where I was going in the dark definitely added a new layer of challenge!  After that, there was lots of singing and dancing, some spiritual time, yoga, sports, arts and crafts, and a camp fire with s'mores. One family even celebrated a Bar Mitzvah up at camp!  A New Year's celebration rounded out the week and was a great way to finish camp and head home into 2018. 

Camp Shalom

Today I had the opportunity and privilege to spend the day at camp. I was there as an alumni, a parent, and a photographer.  At the end of the day, I was filled with so much joy!  I got to spend time photographing most of the cabins at their various activities,  and I got such a warm feeling from all. 

As a lifestyle photographer, I seek out genuine emotions, and with these campers, I didn't have to look far, and I left with a camera full of images of happy campers. We may have staged some of the activities to make sure we got them all covered throughout the day, but the emotions and happiness were real.

As an alumni, I was happy to see the fun and traditions I enjoyed at camp are still upheld 22 years later. There's something satisfying about a timeless experience that is shared between generations.  

And as a parent, I was happy to see my kids happy.  I was happy to see your kids happy.  I was happy to see my kids creating lasting memories and friendships with your kids. I was happy to see the staff so invested in ensuring our kids are having a great camp experience.  I'm so glad to have these images to relive such a magical day. 

Ramah Darom Winter Break Family Camp 2016

A friend of mine from High School has been going to a local family camp for several years, and whenever she posts her pictures on Facebook, I say to myself, gosh, Iā€™d really love to go to family camp!  So this winter, we did!  We joined about 40 other families from mostly the Southeastern United States (with a few from the Northeast and Canada) at Camp Ramah Darom in Georgia for 5 days and nights.  While we were there, we did activities as families, with just kids, and just adults.  We celebrated Hanukkah as a community and shared meals together.  And I got to participate as both a camper and as the photographer!  This dual role was challenging at times, but mostly fun.  I even got to teach a Photography 101 class!  Along the way, I (with the help of my husband when I was up on the ropes course) was able to capture lots of So You moments of our camp experience!

Challenge Fitness 2nd Anniversary

In early November, Challenge Fitness celebrated their second anniversary!  So I was there with camera in hand to capture 2 classes on Sunday morning.  Most everyone remembered to wear their red and black to commemorate the occasion, and a good workout was had by all!  Thanks for 2 years of pushing us to be our best and get results, Amy and Jorge!  #teamamyjorge

challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0584 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0722 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0629 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0772 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0810 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0851 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0948 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0967 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-0997 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-1040 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-1044 (2)
challenge-fitness-ft-lauderdale-gym-photo-1124 (2)