Wynwood Lifestyle Family Photo Session | Susan, Brett, Riley, & Coby

This session from last fall was special. When a family tells me they want to dress up and take photos in an urban setting, my answer is always, “yes please!” We started shooting just before dark, so by the time their outfit change was complete, the sun had set, and we continued shooting into the night for a unique after dark effect! This family brought lots of love and fun, and I admired how well these siblings got along! I hope they always love each other this much! And if they do fight, as most brothers and sisters do, I hope they will look fondly on these moments, frozen in time.

I’m scheduling sessions for this fall. October weekends are almost full, but if you’re looking for a September or November session, click the contact button to find out Erica’s availability to freeze time for your family!

Gold Coast Railroad Museum Family Photo Session | Selene's 6 Month Portraits

There are so many awesome places to take photographs in South Florida when the weather is nice. When the weather is forecast to be rainy, options are limited. Our session today was rain or shine! Selene’s older siblings had their 6 month photo sessions, so we couldn’t let much more time pass beyond this stage. So after some brainstorming, we decided to spend some time at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum near Zoo Miami. We explored, and this family loved on their baby girl! I love capturing these kids as they grow!!

Hollywood Beach Lifestyle Family Photographer | Twirling Dresses

You guuuuyyyyyyssssss, this session was EVERYTHING!!! This family visits South Florida every Thanksgiving from Chicago, and for the past 3 years, I’ve gotten to take their fall family photos. Our most recent session was at Hollywood beach on Thanksgiving morning, so it was pretty quiet. It was also just the right amount of overcast so no one was super squinty, and the skies were blue. But even if we had full sun, we were going for it anyway, shadows and all!

Mom dressed the girls in these AMAZING dresses which were just made for twirling! (Hanna Anderson). There was beach play on the sand and in the water, and on the broadwalk, and a snack, and the playground, and we finished our session with a run through the fountain.

And this session was magic. The magic happens when you relax in front of the camera. When you stop looking at me and start enjoying each other. And sure, I’ll give you direction to do that awesomely enjoyable thing you just did from a different angle or in a different direction, b/c that’s what lifestyle photography is, but really. Let go and allow the moments to overtake you, because they’ll overtake me too, and then you’ll have a gallery that looks like this!

Dania Beach Lifestyle Family Photography | Extended Family Photo Session

I love our local photography community, and how we are there for each other when scheduling conflicts don’t allow us to be there for our clients. That was the case this summer when one of my photography besties needed me to capture this extended family.

I had just purchased the Fujifilm X100F, and LOVED it, so I decided to shoot this entire session with that camera. It’s fun to shoot with, and I was in the mood to have some fun!

I get asked about extended family photos a lot, and while they can be challenging, they can also be fun. As a portrait and event photographer, gathering and posing an extended family for a family formal is an easy no-brainer. And as a lifestyle family photographer, I love that I can get even a large group of people to relax and enjoy each other in front of the camera. Because the way you look at each other is always more magical than the way you look at me!

So when you get the extended family together, reach out! Because I’d love to be there to capture those memories for you.

Lifestyle Family Photographer | Fuji X100F

Every summer before we travel, I look into adding a mirrorless camera body to supplement my DSLR and lighten my load. But to save 1 lb and some size, I can never justify it when I’m just going to add a bulky DSLR lens. This year, when I was reading reviews, one mentioned the Fuji X100F. I looked it up, since several photographers I know use small Fujis as travel cameras. The models I’d looked into prior also had larger interchangeable lenses, increasing the size and the investment. However, this model, had a 35f2 fixed lens. Which is what I take when I travel, anyway! I asked around for an endorsement and looked online for reviews, and, satisfied with my research, made the purchase.

The camera arrived this afternoon. Since my favorite muses, my kids, are at sleepaway camp for the summer, I contacted one of my clients who lives nearby to see if I could borrow her kids to try out my new equipment! I know it was a long day for this mama, and I hope the extra entertainment with the kids was just the extra fun they needed to blow off some steam!

It took some research for me to figure out what all of the buttons do, and which settings will be easiest for me to work with, but by the time I headed home, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on the equipment and would feel comfortable leaving my DSLR at home for our upcoming travel. I came home and edited a few images. Here are some of my favorites from my first time using this camera.