Lauren, Manny, Amelia, and Archer with Miriam and Maya

What a special treat to be able to photograph this family!!  I know this mama from my time in college in New York, and we've been in touch on Facebook since.  This family of four was in town visiting Manny's family, and thought it would be nice to have family photos taken with Manny's sister and niece.  What a great idea, especially since it's been freezing and snowy in the Northeast where they live!!  I enjoyed being able to capture their loving, relaxed, playful fun.  And these little girl cousins - how sweet are they together?!  I think my head might have turned into the emoji with the hearts for eyes when I worked on these photos!  

Gabriela, Juan, Beatriz, and Gabriel

You would never know it because they were such naturals in front of the camera, but apparently this was the first time this family has had professional photos taken in an outdoor lifestyle family photo session!  The light at the park was beautiful that evening, each photo is more beautiful than the next, and I think one of my favorite family photo sessions this year.  I absolutely loved working with this family.  They are beautiful inside and out, and their love for each other really shines.  They were completely open to my guidance, but also relaxed and made it their own, which means lots of So You moments for me to capture! 

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greynolds-park-photo-session-aventura-fl-park-so-you-by-erica-sue-1580 (2)

Lauren, Evan, and Jack are almost 4!

What a great session to kick off 2016, definitely setting the bar high for the year!  This family is visiting family in South Florida from their home up North, and contacted me to capture them, as they are a soon to be family of four!  We met at one of my favorite parks.  I’d only shot there once before, but I was again impressed by its beauty, and can’t wait to get back there with my own family to explore.  The light through the trees is my favorite, and there are some spots where I felt like I could just stand there all day and shoot until I filled up my memory card! Well, maybe not all day, b/c the light would move, but, I seriously loved it.

And I loved working with these people, too!  Mom took my advice for photographing young toddler boys, which is to bring something he likes playing with, but she wouldn’t mind being in the pictures.  She also didn’t over-correct him and let him do his thing, even when that included throwing his shoe in the river (we did get the shoe back with the help of some volunteers)!  We of course encouraged him to look my way occasionally, but this gentle approach allowed him to feel like he was there to play, which really allowed me to capture his personality and moments that are ‘so you’ for this family!

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Chaya, Chaim, Sara, Chana, and ZC

This mom's sister recently moved around the corner from my mom, which is how we're connected, but their family lives in London! They were visiting South Florida for the recent holiday and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful climate and scenery for their family photos.

What a great decision that was! We met at Greynolds Park in Aventura, FL. It was my first time shooting there, but it's been on my radar for some time. I really loved it. It was so beautiful, we were blessed with cooler weather, and if I wasn't fighting a terrible cold, I would have come back with my kids and stayed the rest of the day!

Thanks guys. These are so good, all of your London friends are going to want to travel to Florida to get their portraits taken! ;)

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