Benjamin's Mitzvah Pre Shoot | Ft Lauderdale Beach Basketball

It was a really rainy week. So, mom and I were communicating all week about this session. In the fall, it doesn’t pour like it does in the summer, it drizzles. on and off. But when it does, the ground is wet, which is uncomfortable for photo shoots. Except at the beach, where wet sand is pretty normal. So we moved this session from the park to the beach. We got there early. It was raining when we arrived, but we waited about 15 minutes for it to pass, and then were blessed with amazing blue skies and a rainbow!! It started drizzling again right as we finished our session! Basically, these pictures are awesome, this family is awesome, and I’m so glad this session was able to take place as scheduled!!

Miami Maternity Photographer | South Pointe Park Photo Session

Heeeeeeeeeyyyy people on the internet reading this blog. I’ve been missing from blogging for a while! I’ve been keeping up with Instagram and Facebook, but I need to share more photos! So back to the blog I go!

This family needs no introduction, and I’ve been there for their wedding, all the baby bellies, all the babies, and all the milestones. This baby girl has already made her appearance, since we photographed this session back in December, but the photos are too lovely not to share!

One of my fave moments was when this 2 year old boy was more savage with the seagulls than the men observing on the shore!

Jared's Bar Mitzvah Pre-Shoot: Lifestyle Family Photography - Ft Lauderdale Beach

I had so much fun celebrating Jared's Bar Mitzvah with him and his family yesterday!  Here are the photos from his mitzvah pre-shoot in November.  I always love when I get to do a pre-shoot with a mitzvah family.  It's such a great way for us to get to know each other a little better before the big day, and for the family to get comfortable in front of the camera.  Also, we have a lot of fun together, and by mitzvah day, it's like we're old friends!  This family is just full of love and fun, as you can see below, and as I captured last night, and I can't wait to get to work on those images!

Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah Pre-Shoot

This young man will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbat.  He’d seen another sporty pre-shoot I’d done, but since I’d just done it, wanted to come up with something different.  Through some discussion, I determined that his main sport is basketball, and I got to work researching courts.  My original idea was for a court in a cool urban area, but I wasn’t able to come up with one.  I also looked near the beach, but didn’t find one where I was looking in Google maps.  Mom asked again about the beach, and I Googled it right before giving up.  I’m so glad I persevered, because at it turns out, there IS a basketball court right by the beach, and we met there on a gorgeous night, and turned out these amazing images!  I can’t wait to capture the main event this weekend!

bar-mitzvah-pre-shoot-ft-lauderdale-beach-basketball-8010 (2)
bar-mitzvah-pre-shoot-ft-lauderdale-beach-basketball-8012 (2)