Kerry, Mike, Asher, and Miles: Hollywood Beach Family Photo Session

I worked with this mama for a few years and took her family photos at the beach 2 years ago when they first moved to Florida from Minnesota.  She proudly displayed the photos in her office, and it was finally time for an update for this year’s holiday session!  We met at the beach again, and lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous evening with one of the softest watercolor sunsets I’ve seen in a while.  And I absolutely LOVE that this family took my gentle guidance for play and genuinely interacted and enjoyed each other at their session.  It shows, and these images are SO YOU!

Allison, Steve, Taylor, Jordyn: Twins 6 month portraits

These little ladies are 6 months, so we met at Hollywood Beach on a beautiful South Florida winter evening for some photos.  Mom came prepared with tons of props and blankets, but we didn’t really need much, b/c the girls brought their happiest faces!  I love their matching dresses, and since they’re not identical, it’s easy to tell who’s who.  It was twice the fun!

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Monica, Steve, Victoria, Nicolas, and Nana Delfina

I met this family last year when I was practicing for a gymnastics bday party photo shoot.  We’ve kept in touch, and I was looking forward to photographing them again when they scheduled their session.  It took Nicolas a few moments and the promise of a trip to Toys R Us in exchange for smiles to warm-up, but what parents wouldn’t barter a toy for their bambino’s beautiful eyes and smile in the perfect photo!?  Since “cheese” is sometimes too cheesy, it was the word “silly” that had Nico and his family looking their best, and I think they had fun in the process.  Enjoy these beautiful photos from our session at Hollywood beach.

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Kristina, Mike, Madison, and Jacob

This is the second year I’ve had the honor of creating this family’s holiday portraits.  This year, we changed things up and headed over to Hollywood Beach for a mini session.  I absolutely love their outfits, with the mixtures of pink and blue.  Dad even rocked both colors in his shorts!  At the end of our session, mom remarked how much easier it was to capture their pictures this year.  I had to agree.  Jacob has really matured, and it was fun to see him interacting more playfully with me and my camera.  And Madison is just as adorable as last year, especially when she started our session by giving me a drawing she’d made for me.  She dressed me better than I dress myself, in a ball gown with a matching bow and high heeled platform shoes!  Thank you so much, Madison!  I loved it so much, I’ve included a snapshot of it below.  Happy holidays, and I hope to continue to get you in front of my camera to capture your “So You” moments!

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Felisha and Jordan are getting married (again)

Let me start by saying, this session was AWESOME!!! This beautiful couple has been married for 5 years, and this fall will be doing so again at their church, followed by a celebration. So I suggested we get together for a photo shoot so we could get to know each other before the big day.

We met at Hollywood Beach, and took some creative shots with some of the architecture there, then headed out to the sand and waves for some nature shots. This couple is into music, so Jordan brought his guitar, and Felisha brought a mini piano to incorporate into the session.

Let me add that Jordan's romantic side just melts my heart! Not only did she get several serenades, Felisha also got not one, but TWO dips (both featured below), and they weren't sissy, let me appease my photographer dips. He was totally into it, and it was awesome. In the first he grabbed onto the structure for support, and in the second he took it all the way to the sand. Oh yeah, and when they got into the water at the end, I thought they were both going to go into the water, but he picked her up so she wouldn’t get wet.  How sweet is that?!  You rocked it, Jordan!!

I could totally go on, but I'll save some of my gushing for the wedding, which after this session, I'm looking forward to even more!

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