Ft Lauderdale Beach Engagement Photographer | Yossi Proposes to Ellie

I got a phone call last week from one of my family clients asking if I photograph Engagements, and I said sure! I’m more in the mitzvah market, but it’s always a good time to capture the origins of that future family and the love story where it begins! Yossi lives in LA, and was going to be visiting Hollywood to surprise and propose to his girlfriend, Ellie, and wanted to capture her reaction (hint: guys looking to propose, this is an excellent idea!). We spent the week strategizing about the most photogenic and semi-private beach location at the most optimal time of day for the candlelit look he was going for, and earlier this evening, he asked her to marry him, and she said yes! They absolutely radiated love and joy, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Amelia, Cory, and Liam because he’s 1!

I love meeting new clients who contact me because they’ve seen and loved another family’s session.  I enjoy that they’re familiar with my work and I also enjoy the challenge of making their session equally lovable, and unique.  These three made my job pretty easy.  I just asked them to enjoy each other as we explored at the beach.  They snuggled, tickled, laughed, and played with their sweet and happy boy.  They connected, and I captured it all.  I love that lifestyle photography allows me to capture moments and feelings, and not just a snapshot of how you all look smiling directly at my camera.  And some of these pics, boy do they give me the feels!!


K Family: Extended Family Session

I love photographing families, and while extended family sessions bring their own set of challenges, as the number of subjects grows, so does my ability to capture more relationships.  There are parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, siblings, in-laws, and cousins!  This family had all of the above, and enjoyed a breezy evening at the beach together!

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Rachele and Steve Engagement

This couple’s engagement session has been on my calendar, and we’ve been talking for a while, so I was looking forward to meeting them.  Rachele even referred me to a friend, whose pictures I’ve already taken, before she met me and made an appearance in front of my camera!  The sky was overcast, but that just provided a nice contrast to this couple’s sunny personalities and bright and shining love.  Their shirts and matching converse casual outfits are also super-fun.  Check ‘em out!  I’m looking forward to your fall wedding!

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Vera, Pedro, Isabella, Kylie, and Amelia

This family was referred to me by another family whose portraits I have taken.  I love referrals, b/c it usually means the client has seen my work and already expects something great, which makes me that much more determined to deliver!

I love their bright colors and sunset lighting to match at the beach. We had low tide and calm waters, which made for some fun seaside photos towards the end of our shoot.

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