Amber, Dan, Evan, and Amelia

This mama is the photographer who I’ve chosen to capture my family for the past 2 years, so the pressure was definitely on after she beautifully captured my family the night before!  We had planned to meet on the North side of this park which has some buildings, fences, and pathways, but our plans were thwarted by an early closure of that side of the park, so we regrouped by the field and lake on the South side of the park and enjoyed some beautiful golden hour light.

Mama was a little concerned before our session that her wild ones would be too wild, and my response was really, there’s no such thing.  Your family is what it is, and that’s the beauty I want to capture.  I think we succeeded!

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tradewinds-park-family-lifestyle-photo-session-7200 (2)

Xander’s 2nd Birthday Portraits: How to Successfully Photograph an Active Toddler

This was the second time I got to take portraits of this little man.  I knew from our first session that, like most boys his age, he is more interested in playing than in sitting and posing for that perfect, “looking and smiling at the camera” portrait that every parent dreams about. 

Prior to our session, I suggested that mom bring some of his things that he would like to play with, that she wouldn’t mind being in her pictures.  She selected a blue bat and a blue bug catching net.  I also suggested a lollipop, which she also brought (although in hindsight, future suggestions of this kind will include “and make sure it’s a neutral color that won’t give your kid an odd-colored tongue and lips for the rest of your pictures – not a problem here b/c dad helped eat some).  And of course balloons for his bday were present, along with a large #2 that mom wrapped with yarn. 

Then during our session, we were very relaxed and let Xander do his thing, and I followed with my camera.  We of course encouraged looks and smiles in my direction, but since we weren’t getting frustrated when he didn’t, there was no power struggle (if you want to read more about power struggles, I’m a big fan of Dr. Laura Markham over at ‘Aha! Parenting’).  As a result, he felt comfortable and free to explore, and like most exploring kids, he would periodically make eye contact with his parents.  Since they were standing nearby, I snapped away whenever I saw those baby blues.  He even made eye contact with my lens a few times in a similar way, just checking me out to see if I was still there.  Yup, I was, and was able to capture these great moments, and his big personality.  Happy birthday!

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Donna, Michael, Mason, and Madelyn

Donna and I first started talking about scheduling this shoot over the holidays towards the end of last year. We had to reschedule a few times due to kids' colds and work conflicts, and we finally met over the weekend to capture this family. Dad got pulled away for work, but mom didn't reschedule this time, and I'm so glad she made that choice. Now she will have these beautiful memories of her with her kids at this age, and we have motivation to include dad next time!

We overcame the challenge of coordinating all 3 kids to look at the camera at the same time with some music and creative posing.  You wouldn’t know it from these pictures, but Madelyn was fussy in between most of these shots.  Donna was right there comforting her and positioning her back in front of the camera, and her persistence paid off.  We even managed to get a perfectly executed sunset silhouette. Success!

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Paisley, Charlie, Piper, and Caden

This was an engagement / family session, as Paisley and Charlie will be tying the knot this coming February. Their special day will be photographed by none other than yours truly, and I suggested we get together for a photo shoot so we could meet and get to know how we work together before the big day. They’re planning a “country chic” themed wedding, so it was only fitting that we got some pictures with the red barn and building at Tradewinds Park.  We had a short session, but were efficient and captured some great moments of this family.

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Stephanie and Carlos Save the Date

These two will be getting married in the Spring in Central Florida, and scheduled a shoot with me for their Save the Date. Shooting at Tradewinds Park was new for me, and it was awesome, as we found a ton of great photo spots. Congrats Stephanie and Carlos. I'd be happy to drive to the Orlando area to capture your wedding, too!

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