Miami Newborn Photographer | In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

And baby makes five! I love in-home lifestyle photography, especially in the craziness of welcoming a baby, leaving the home is one less thing to worry about. Although I must say, this mama is always so photo ready even just a week after giving birth. Can’t wait to watch this baby grow, and be there to capture all the milestones!

A fave shot is the siblings on the bed with their new baby. It is a repeat of the same pose when they were only 2, from this session! I beyond love the color scheme mom coordinated for this session, and how amazing is that hammock?!

Melissa, Brandon, and Solomon welcome Lincoln

I love getting to photograph families as they grow.  I've gotten to capture Solomon at 1, when baby brother was in mom's belly, and now for Lincoln's newborn session.  I feel like each time, they've gotten more comfortable in front of my camera, to the point where they now photograph like old friends.  And I love that.  The moments that happen that I get to capture are so genuine.  There's no pressure for their active toddler to 'behave' or 'look at the camera'.  Yes, we'll trick him into it for a few shots, but the goal is just for them to be together and have fun, and they did.  

This was also a really special session for me.  This year my photography growth goal has been to add more variety to my sessions and galleries.  I want to see things from different angles and perspectives, and when I got home and went through this images, I could see my growth and my achievement of this goal at this session.  I'm proud of myself, and can't wait to see the variety I continue to create!

Two New Cousins

Two of my cousins who I grew up with had their first babies 2 months apart.  So for their baby present, I flew up to New York and gifted them a photo session.  They had the idea to do the photo session together to get some extended family shots.  Their mom (who is now a grandma, congrats), who is in the event industry, organized for us to meet in the well-lit lobby of a hotel.  Unlike Florida, where March is like summer, apparently in New York, March is still like winter!  And because their dog is a part of their family, we went back to Landon's house for some bonus photos with their furriest four-legged family member. 

Your babies are beautiful, and it was so nice to see you as parents and your parents as grandparents!!!  I hope to see and photograph these children more as they grow!  Feel free to fly me up anytime! 

Hannah’s Newborn Photo Session

I used to work with this baby girl’s dad in the Engineering world, so I was excited when they got in touch to schedule a photo session for Hannah in her nursery at home.  She was a bit sleepy and snuggly, and reportedly, less smiley than usual because she’d gotten shots the day before, but that didn’t phase me, or these parents.  And I know I say this all the time, but when you relax and just be yourself is when the So You moments happen.  We were able to capture some really sweet and tender real moments of this family enjoying each other’s company, which I know they will love to look back on!

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