Dania Beach Lifestyle Family Photography | Extended Family Photo Session

I love our local photography community, and how we are there for each other when scheduling conflicts don’t allow us to be there for our clients. That was the case this summer when one of my photography besties needed me to capture this extended family.

I had just purchased the Fujifilm X100F, and LOVED it, so I decided to shoot this entire session with that camera. It’s fun to shoot with, and I was in the mood to have some fun!

I get asked about extended family photos a lot, and while they can be challenging, they can also be fun. As a portrait and event photographer, gathering and posing an extended family for a family formal is an easy no-brainer. And as a lifestyle family photographer, I love that I can get even a large group of people to relax and enjoy each other in front of the camera. Because the way you look at each other is always more magical than the way you look at me!

So when you get the extended family together, reach out! Because I’d love to be there to capture those memories for you.

Dania Beach Maternity Photographer | And They are Almost 5!

This mama is the sister of one of my favorite families to photograph.  They were in town from New York this Spring, and reached out for a family and maternity session at the beach.  Because when it's still cold out where you live, who wouldn't want to be in shorts at the beach?!  Being familiar with my work, they were totally open to a mix of portraiture and play, and you all know, the 'so you' love and play shots are my fave!  It is my understanding that the baby boy in that belly has made his way into the world, and I hope to one day meet him and get him in front of my camera!  

Lauren, Chad, Mackenzie, Linda, John, and Lindsay

This family was an absolute pleasure to photograph. First of all, they're all good looking and dressed with such great coordinated outfits, and these adults get it. They understood that they should look at the camera, so that when the baby looked at me, I'd snap a shot of everyone looking in the right direction! They will have a ton of great photos to choose from that we captured on a rare thunderstorm-cloud-free South Florida summer evening! It was a great session, and I hope I get you in front of my camera again soon!

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Jessica and Kelvin

Jessica and I have worked together at my current company for as long as I can remember over the 8 years I've been here. We've worked in different roles and haven't worked closely together, so I was excited when she thought of me to photograph her wedding. She had seen another wedding where I'd taken beach portraits and captured a dinner reception, and her celebration was going to be similar.

The day was rainy, like, all day non-stop rainy. But, being in South Florida, we both knew the weather could change at any moment, so we optimistically met at Dania Beach for portraits as we had planned, and were blessed with a rain-free hour, and the portraits are beautiful.

We then headed South for the ceremony at the beach. Unfortunately, by the time all of the guests had assembled (decked out in white and blue as the invitation stated), it had started to rain again, so we took things indoors to the reception venue. This bride took it all in stride, and was genuinely happy to be marrying her groom, regardless of the conditions.

At the reception, they invited me on their journey around the room to greet their guests, and I was able to capture the love that radiated from this couple to all who celebrated with them. Then there was some dancing, some cake, and more hugging goodbye.

Congrats, Jessica and Kelvin! I wish you the best, and hope to be the lucky photographer to capture your milestones as you grow old together!

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Delano and Tatyana: Broward County Couples' Photographer

Delano contacted me earlier this week, and said he wanted to take photos with his girl, and his truck. I was already planning some photography at the beach this afternoon, so I suggested we meet by the Dania pier.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so the area was pretty crowded. But Delano found a great parking spot backing towards the river, where we started with some photos by his Range Rover, then moved on to explore the dock, river, and beach.

There were many times where I said, "Ooooooh! It would look great if you...", and Delano and Tatyana were willing to try them all, even when it involved taking off their shoes, rolling up their pants, wading through chilly water, and sitting in wet sand to get these shots.

Thanks guys - you were awesome, and I hope to get you in front of my camera again soon!

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