In Home Lifestyle Photo Session | 1st Birthday Cake Smash

This family always has so much fun in front of my camera, and it always shows in their photos! This year, when we were deciding on a location to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday with a cake smash as we did for her older sister, I suggested doing the session at home. I think every family should have at least one in-home photo session. They tend to be relaxed and bring out the best in your children, because that is where they spend the most time and are the most comfortable. It also makes the logistics easy for you, and is a great way to document your home.

I’ve been looking through old photos from my grandparents, and when something familiar would appear in a photo, or the living room is where they took fancy photos and it appears over and over again, that all has meaning, and I am grateful those memories of my grandparents home are preserved. And I’m grateful I was able to preserve some memories of this awesome family in their home!

Miami Newborn Photographer | In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

And baby makes five! I love in-home lifestyle photography, especially in the craziness of welcoming a baby, leaving the home is one less thing to worry about. Although I must say, this mama is always so photo ready even just a week after giving birth. Can’t wait to watch this baby grow, and be there to capture all the milestones!

A fave shot is the siblings on the bed with their new baby. It is a repeat of the same pose when they were only 2, from this session! I beyond love the color scheme mom coordinated for this session, and how amazing is that hammock?!

Shoshana's Trolls Birthday Party

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family several times, and they fill me with joy every time I do.  I was asked to photograph Shoshana's 5th birthday party, since it was the first birthday party she was having.  During the party, I felt like I really got to enjoy the photography and get creative with my angles.  I photograph a lot of bar and bat mitvzahs, and by 13, kids are aware of an adult with a camera, and sometimes when they become aware, it changes the moment a bit.  But not with 5 year olds.  Since they're used to having helpful adults around, and know me from our prior sessions together, I was able to blend in and get close to the moments.  I even got to be a helpful adult too, with opening a water bottle or lollipop or providing a napkin when they didn't even know they needed one. 

When I was looking through the images of this event, I realized I captured so much more than Shoshana's 5th birthday party.  I captured parenthood, and love, and friendship, and trust.  I captured moms and dads and grandparents and kids and friends.  I also captured plenty of so you fun!

Terry, Tara, Layla and Luke: In-Home Lifestyle Family Photography

In-home lifestyle photo sessions are always a good idea.  It's special to capture your family in the environment where you spend the most time, and are most comfortable.  To document the memories you create there every day.  It's especially special when you live in South Florida.  That means we are subject to Hurricane season.  And since this year was a pretty active one, when I scheduled post-Irma family sessions, I suggested to some of my families who've never done photography in their homes to schedule an in-home family lifestyle session this year. 

Because honestly, if we had gotten a direct hit by a Category 5 storm, none of our homes would look the same.  And wouldn't it be nice if you had those photos in a worst-case scenario?  Because while many people stayed for the storm, many didn't.  And we all thought about what we'd take with us or protect.  And family photos were one of the first things on everyone's list!

So, without further adieu, here's one of my favorite families whose kids have grown up in front of my camera.  I love how we always create some fun 'so you' moments together!  And don't you love the spontaneous cookies and milk?!  It was totally unplanned and based on a pantry raid for a snack when the kids were starting to lose it!

Melissa, Brandon, and Solomon welcome Lincoln

I love getting to photograph families as they grow.  I've gotten to capture Solomon at 1, when baby brother was in mom's belly, and now for Lincoln's newborn session.  I feel like each time, they've gotten more comfortable in front of my camera, to the point where they now photograph like old friends.  And I love that.  The moments that happen that I get to capture are so genuine.  There's no pressure for their active toddler to 'behave' or 'look at the camera'.  Yes, we'll trick him into it for a few shots, but the goal is just for them to be together and have fun, and they did.  

This was also a really special session for me.  This year my photography growth goal has been to add more variety to my sessions and galleries.  I want to see things from different angles and perspectives, and when I got home and went through this images, I could see my growth and my achievement of this goal at this session.  I'm proud of myself, and can't wait to see the variety I continue to create!