Brit Milah Photographer | Ronnie's Bris | Cooper City, FL

The brit milah (bris) is when a Jewish boy receives his Hebrew name and is circumcised on the 8th day of life. The circumcision is performed by a mohel, and this mohel has a special cover for the chair of Elijah. He has kept count of the number of women who have sat on the chair, and have become pregnant with a boy within a year, and whose bris he then performs. My eldest son, who became a Bar Mitzvah at 13 this year, was chair baby number 1,000! Today, he said he’s up to over 1,600.

I’ve really enjoyed watching this family grow. We have a newborn session scheduled for later this week, so I was super excited when mom called me this am to see if I was available to photograph her new son’s bris! I have an appreciation for attending and capturing life cycle events. Everyone in attendance was filled with love in welcoming this new baby to the community, and I hope I captured some of that.

Sleepaway Camp Magic | Camp Shalom of Central Florida | Camp Photography

I had the privilege of returning to Camp Shalom this summer as an alumni, a parent, and a photographer, to capture our kids in action during a weekend. I got to photograph the relaxed energy of a Saturday afternoon Mitzvah Day, leading into a yummy BBQ dinner, and a gorgeous pre-golden hour free time. The energy built for the Casino Night evening activity leading into Color War breakout! The next morning, after clean-up the competition commenced with picnic games, egg roll, egg toss, and swim races, followed by lunch and some cheers. I headed back home after that, but I brought these images with me, freezing in time the moments that make sleepaway camp summers so magical!

Pembroke Pines Birthday Photographer | Arya's 1st Birthday Party

This baby is magical. The photos from her first birthday party capture her magic. My career as a photographer has really honed my ability to sense and observe. And walking into her home, where she was celebrated by family and friends, I felt her energy. She had a near constant smile on her face and put a smile on the face of everyone she interacted with. The joy was palpable, and looking back through these photos, I can feel the buzz of joyful flow. I hope you feel it too!

Miami Birthday Party Photographer | Superhero Birthday Party

These brothers celebrated turning 2 an 4 with an amazing superhero themed birthday party. The details were amazing. They were dressed in superhero attire. The tables had superhero decorations, and there were action figures in magnificent displays. There was even a cardboard and wrapping paper layer cake decorated with superheros, to match an actual superhero cake. There was a variety of superhero themed games for the children to play, and batman and superman came to fly and play with the kids.

And I love that mom went around with me to try to make sure I got photos of everyone there. I love that documenting her family’s friendships was so important to her! Everyone had a blast, and this photographer had so many moments to capture. You know, I’m a superhero too. I can freeze time. What’s you’re superpower?!

Shoshana's Trolls Birthday Party

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family several times, and they fill me with joy every time I do.  I was asked to photograph Shoshana's 5th birthday party, since it was the first birthday party she was having.  During the party, I felt like I really got to enjoy the photography and get creative with my angles.  I photograph a lot of bar and bat mitvzahs, and by 13, kids are aware of an adult with a camera, and sometimes when they become aware, it changes the moment a bit.  But not with 5 year olds.  Since they're used to having helpful adults around, and know me from our prior sessions together, I was able to blend in and get close to the moments.  I even got to be a helpful adult too, with opening a water bottle or lollipop or providing a napkin when they didn't even know they needed one. 

When I was looking through the images of this event, I realized I captured so much more than Shoshana's 5th birthday party.  I captured parenthood, and love, and friendship, and trust.  I captured moms and dads and grandparents and kids and friends.  I also captured plenty of so you fun!