Mayah's Bat Mitzvah Pre Shoot at Wynwood Walls

Congratulations to this lovely lady and her family on the celebration of her Bat Mitzvah this past weekend!  A few months prior, we got together for a pre-shoot session.  This is a lovely modern mitzvah tradition and is a great way to develop a rapport with your photographer, and also to create some great images to display at the mitzvah in decor or a sign in book. 

Mayah's photo session was special.  I will always capture the traditional looking and smiling portraits, but then I definitely want to encourage my subjects to be themselves in front of the camera.  Mayah had no shortage of personality for the camera, and it shows in her images.  She just hung out, played, laughed with her family, and the result is a gallery that tells the story of who this spunky, happy, playful, energetic, fun girl is!

Almost Party of Five! Maternity Session at Wynwood Walls

It's so much fun getting to capture families as they grow.  Especially when they are growing another human to add to their family!  I first photographed this family when that spunky little redheaded ball of fun was in mama's belly, and now she's getting ready to become a big sister!  We had so much fun exploring the amazing street art in the Wynwood Walls art district in Miami that never disappoints.  Neither does this family's love for each other!

NoahCon - Noah's Bar Mitzvah at Ramah Darom Winter Break Family Camp

I had the pleasure of first meeting this mama when we were introduced by a mutual friend at an Andy Grammer concert.  Then I had the pleasure of spending the week with and photographing them at Winter Break Family Camp last year!  So when she said they'd be celebrating Noah's Bar Mitzvah at camp, I was game!

Their celebration started with a Friday night Shabbat dinner, which we preceded by mock mitzvah photos (since photography is not permitted on Shabbat).  The dinner decorations were handmade by one of mom's close friends, and they were amazing.  What a well-executed camp theme!

The 'NoahCon' continued up at camp, where Noah read from the Torah on Shabbat morning, and enjoyed brunch with his family and friends on Sunday!  Mazel Tov to this lovely family, and I can't wait to capture more of your simchas!

Zack and Ty's B'nai Mitzvah

I always love a good Bar Mitzvah.  And a B'nai Mitzvah for brothers is double the fun!  These two boys, who are different both in looks and personalities, were able to celebrate together, but in their own way, and in their own style, and I was happy to be there to capture it all, including one of the most epic games of Coke and Pepsi ever!

Shoshana's Trolls Birthday Party

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family several times, and they fill me with joy every time I do.  I was asked to photograph Shoshana's 5th birthday party, since it was the first birthday party she was having.  During the party, I felt like I really got to enjoy the photography and get creative with my angles.  I photograph a lot of bar and bat mitvzahs, and by 13, kids are aware of an adult with a camera, and sometimes when they become aware, it changes the moment a bit.  But not with 5 year olds.  Since they're used to having helpful adults around, and know me from our prior sessions together, I was able to blend in and get close to the moments.  I even got to be a helpful adult too, with opening a water bottle or lollipop or providing a napkin when they didn't even know they needed one. 

When I was looking through the images of this event, I realized I captured so much more than Shoshana's 5th birthday party.  I captured parenthood, and love, and friendship, and trust.  I captured moms and dads and grandparents and kids and friends.  I also captured plenty of so you fun!