C Family Lifestyle Photography at Wynwood Walls

I always aim to capture real emotion and connection within families when they give me the honor of stepping in front of my camera, and the more relaxed, and emotive, and connected they are, the more 'so you' moments there are for me to capture.  And they were in this session in abundance.  It was a hot morning in Wynwood Walls, but that didn't stop us from exploring the area together. 

And there were moments when little dude wasn't feeling the jam of our session, but these parents just took it all in stride, kept their happy on, and let him have those moments.  Now this is a photography blog, not a parenting blog, but as an observer who captures families, including parents, I have to say, the sessions where the children are safely free to be themselves are the most magical.  Society has conditioned us to crave that perfect portrait of everyone looking and smiling at the camera.  And yes, I'll get that for you, but I what I really want is for you to be real with me.  For you to allow your kids to be real with you.  If they want to run off, playfully redirect them to interact with the family.  No scolds, no bribes ... well, ok, the promise of some ice cream on the way home never hurt... but really, they're not necessary.  And that's where the 'so you' magic happens!

Amelia, Cory, and Liam: Wynwood Walls Family Photo Shoot

I was SO excited to photograph this family again!  I first met them last year when Liam was one, and mom and dad were filled with so much love for their baby boy!  They still love their little boy, but now he's such a big kid, full of toddler personality.  He ate, sang, and played his way through the Wynwood Walls area in Miami where the energy of the art was a perfect match for Liam's energy.  It's so much fun when families relax and enjoy each other in front of my camera, giving me many So You moments to capture!

Nathalie, Bruno, Juliana, and Liam

I first photographed this family 2 years ago for Liam's first birthday.  We created lovely images then, so I was excited when mom called to schedule a maternity session to freeze their time as a family of four, as they await the joy of a new baby.  I could not believe how much these kiddos have grown!  Especially Liam, who at 3 is such a great talker!  We were able to capture some great moments of this family spending an evening together, enjoying each other in the beautiful evening light.

Ava's Mitzvah Pre-Shoot with Jordana, Stephen, and Elaine

This sporty gal and her family were so much fun!  Ava loves the camera, and the camera loves her right back.  She loves her family, and they love her right back.  Capturing their spunky interaction against the spunky backdrop of the Wynwood Walls was a perfect fit.  Ava knew what she wanted from the minute I took out my camera to the minute I put it away, and really let her personality shine, which means I got to create images that capture who she truly is.