Kim, Derek, and Matthew because he’s 2!

I have never been more grateful for parents’ supervision than I was during this session!  Matthew is an energetic and fearless 2 year old boy!  He is also a great talker.  We started off our session by the lake, throwing rocks in, where he was one foot in, and would have had gone for a swim had mom and dad not been there to pull him back.  Then we crossed the bridge and went over to the farm village, Matthew announcing that he was running the whole way.  We found some more water to explore over there in a little man-made stream.  Matthew was ready to dive in head first!  Thankfully, dad has quick hands!  I also happened to capture that moment.  Looking and smiling pics are great, but that one captures their family and their life at this stage better than any other!  We finished our session by the tractor, where Matthew happily announced he was playing on the tractor, and was sad to say goodbye at the end of our session.  Kudos to these parents for happily keeping up with their energetic boy, and if you can ever find a way to bottle his leftover energy, you’ll be billionaires!

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South-Florida-Family-Photography-6782 (2)
South-Florida-Family-Photography-6843 (2)

Rooney, Michael, and Jackson are almost 4

I have several mutual friends with this family, so I was delighted when they called me to schedule their maternity session.  Maternity sessions with a couple expecting a first baby are always special, but I especially love new sibling maternity sessions!  It’s so much fun to capture some of their last moments as a family of 3 before a new little one turns an only child into a big brother!  And with all the joy and love between these three, there is plenty waiting for the baby boy to come!

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Lauren, Michael, Dylan, and Blake Family Photo Session

Today was like a 19th High School reunion for me and this momma!  Lauren and I went to Middle and High School together, (and even the same Elementary classes on different days) but since Facebook wasn’t around until after college, we didn’t really re-connect until then.  We have been in touch through Facebook over the years, where I’ve watched her get married and have 2 beautiful children, and she’s seen my photography career grow.  So, it was only a matter of time before we’d reconnect in person in this way!  We met up at one of my favorite South Florida parks, and enjoyed the lovely scenery, and some cloud cover, which allowed us more photo ops without direct sunlight, and was a little more bearably cool (not by much).  I love how mom coordinated their fall outfits, although I did give her encouragement to do so in shorts and short sleeves next time!  The boys are absolutely adorable, and I love how this family loves to make each other laugh.  It was a pleasure, and I hope I don’t have to wait 19 more years to see them again!

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Stella’s 7 Month Portraits

I love photographing this little lady, and seeing her photos on her family's Facebook feed. One day I commented that she's growing up so fast, and that while cel phone photos are great, I would love to take some of her pictures. I'm so glad her mommy listened, b/c we had a beautiful day with great company at the lovely Amelia Earhart Park to capture this baby girl and her parents (with a special guest appearance by her cousins!).

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