Hollywood Mitzvah Photographer | Adam's Bar Mitzvah | B'nai Sephardim | One Event Place

There’s just something special about the intimacy and simplicity of a weekday Bar Mitzvah. And also something spiritual. In addition to a tallis, tefillin are worn, and Adam had a beautiful ceremony, which I’ve never seen before. Young mitzvah boys often get help with their tefillin, usually from the rabbi or a parent. And tefillin are wrapped the arm a certain number of times in a certain pattern for symbolic reasons. So when Adam was wrapped in his tefillin, the men in his family took turns with each wrap. Thinking back to what I witnessed, and reviewing those moments in these images, still gives me goosebumps. It’s like they were wrapping him in love and generations of tradition. Amazing!

He did a beautiful job reading from the Torah, and then celebrated with family and friends, and enjoyed an outstanding brunch.

Boca Bar Mitzvah Photographer | Via Mizner Country Club

A celebration like no other! Lots of hora dancing, amazingly spirited singing, and more dancing! What a joyous simcha!

It also brought me joy to reconnect with this family who I grew up with! I met them when we were teens, and now that we’re raising teens of our own, it makes photography of events like this that much more meaningful. The time went so fast, and I’m grateful to have my childhood photos with them, and am happy to have captured and shared this milestone in their child’s life!

Weston Mitzvah Photographer | Benji's Bar Mitzvah | Slice Weston

This young man became a bar mitzvah reading the Torah during a Saturday evening service. This simcha was followed by partying with family and friends and framily, friends that are like family. It was neat to see the venue transform from seating the guests for services into a space to celebrate, and celebrate they did! There were glow sticks, shiny objects on longer sticks, and donuts, which hopefully didn’t stick to anyone’s fancy dress!

Miami Mitzvah Photographer | Ryan's Bar Mitzvah | Temple Judea | Coral Gables, FL

I know I say it all the time, but when you are yourselves, I will have many So You moments to capture. This family is so genuine, and there were so many moments captured from beginning to end of this joyous event.

The mitzvah boy, Ryan, smiles easily. And his smile is contagious. I know most kids have a lot of fun at their mitzvah, but Ryan’s smile in these images is just beaming, and I can’t look at them without smiling!

Their reception was tons of fun. They could have gone full UM, but instead went with a College Game Day theme, and seeing their guests dressed to cheer on their favorite teams added so much good energy to the celebration!

Cooper City Mitzvah Photographer | Jordan and Dylan's B'nai Mitzvah

These twins celebrated their mitzvah this weekend.  I heard they rocked their service, followed by a sporty celebration, complete with a photo booth, airbrushed personalized favors, a magician, a game show, and candy !  They were all smiles as they partied with family and friends, which gave me plenty of 'so you' moments to capture!

The all-star cast of vendors included:
DJ: Jason Bank from Jammin' Express
Caterer / Venue:  Renee from Bouer Catering Group at Beth Emet
Magician:  Larry Greenberg
Decor:  One of a Kind Party Design
Favors:  Matthew "Fester" and Tammi Lipp from Fester Custom Airbrushing