Ft Lauderdale Mitzvah Photographer | Courtney's Mitzvah Pre Shoot | Sloan's

This sweet girl became a Bat Mitzvah this past weekend. While I work on the images from her special day, I wanted to share this selection from her mitzvah pre-shoot. Her theme was candy, and what better place to take photos than at a candy and ice cream shop!? Mom did a great job on the decor for Courtney’s reception, and used these images in centerpieces and in a sign-in book. I really enjoyed getting to know this family, and can’t wait to share more of them!

Two Ice Cream Store Sessions

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both of these families before, and I can’t believe how much their kids have grown!  These sessions were shot a week apart, but in the busyness of editing holiday sessions, are being blogged together.  I love how every time I photograph at Sloan's, it’s different.  Every family brings their own energy, and notices new things in a different part of this adorable store.  I also love how it literally turns kids and adults alike into a “kid in a candy store”.  Who wouldn’t want pictures of that?!

Alexis and her family started their session indoors, took a break outside, and came back for some sweet treats.
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Kristina, Mike, Madison, and Jacob started their session outdoors as the store was busy with customers, and we finished our session with some ice cream in a break from the busyness.
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Terry, Tara, Layla, and Luke: Ice Cream Store Photo Session

I previously had the pleasure of working with these wonderful parents, and though we no longer work together in my Engineering career, I’m so glad to be able to continue working with them in my photography career!  Their kids are just the cutest.  We started off our session in the ice cream store with some nice family shots, and when the kids no longer were interested in looking and smiling at the camera, that was just fine with me.  We headed outside to enjoy some of the lovely scenery in the area, and captured some sweet family interactions.  Then, we headed back to the ice cream store to cool off and enjoy some sweet treats!

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Ice Cream Mini Sessions Day 3

And last but certainly not least, I’m excited to share the photos from the final day of Spring Ice Cream Mini Sessions at Sloan’s Ice Cream in Lauderdale by the Sea. 

First up were an energetic brother and sister.  Their mom is excellent about having stunning portraits taken of them on a regular basis, so the pressure was on for me to deliver equally awesome photos.  Given the environment, and since I know mom has lots of classic portraits, I aimed to bring out and capture their natural personalities in some playful candid shots.  I also really love the playful selective color in the first image that really makes this little girl’s outfit pop!
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Next up was a family who has their photos taken a little less often, so were a bit more shy in front of the camera.  We got a good mix of portraits and candid shots.
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Third was a mom and her daughter who are celebrating similar birthdays, along with mom/grandma.  I just love to capture multi-generational family photos.  These girls were all about the love, and it shows in their photos.  I wish I had pictures like these of me with my kids and me with my parents!
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How cute is this family of four!?  I am still swooning over these boys in their bowties! 
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And rounding out the morning, I had the pleasure of capturing one of my childhood friends and her family.  The last time I photographed them, the little guy was only 6 months old.  He’s grown quite a bit since then.  He was playful in front of my camera, which I was thrilled to capture.  I’m also happy to have documented his first ice cream cone!  Don’t worry, he’s not deprived and he’s had ice cream before.  This was his first time holding his own cone though, and digging in face first.  Until next time…
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Ice Cream Mini Sessions Day 2

This weekend, I returned to Sloan’s Ice Cream in Lauderdale by the Sea for another round of ice cream mini sessions.  I just love how they all took place in the same approximately 400 sq feet, but are all so different!  The engaging environment really brought out and let everyone's personalities shine!

First up were Olivia and Jordyn, two sisters who enjoyed playing and exploring the store together with their parents.  And how cute is Olivia’s ice cream cone shirt and her golden sparkle shoes that match the gold sparkles on her sister’s skirt!?
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Next up were Yvonne and Jacob, a mother/son duo who got really creative and had a lot of fun with their session.
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Third, two sisters came in with their kids for a mom / kids / aunts / cousins session.  Capturing their close bond was really special.
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And last, but certainly not least was Emma.  I tried my very hardest to elicit a natural smile, but she didn’t find me very funny.  In the process though, I got the most surprising and even more pleasing result - a variety of faces where she may not have been smiling, but her eyes are so expressive!
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