Two Ice Cream Store Sessions

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both of these families before, and I can’t believe how much their kids have grown!  These sessions were shot a week apart, but in the busyness of editing holiday sessions, are being blogged together.  I love how every time I photograph at Sloan's, it’s different.  Every family brings their own energy, and notices new things in a different part of this adorable store.  I also love how it literally turns kids and adults alike into a “kid in a candy store”.  Who wouldn’t want pictures of that?!

Alexis and her family started their session indoors, took a break outside, and came back for some sweet treats.
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Kristina, Mike, Madison, and Jacob started their session outdoors as the store was busy with customers, and we finished our session with some ice cream in a break from the busyness.
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