Hayleigh and Hayden

Hayleigh and Hayden's mom had seen photos I took for a friend of hers and contacted me for their holiday portraits. We met at the Long Key Natural Area & Nature Center in Davie, because I wanted to try a new location for their photos. I really liked the green gate with the spiral garden in the background, as well as getting the spiral garden ceiling.  Hayleigh gave us tons of smiles when we discussed her favorite foods, and Hayden got a kick out of his mom playing a wild game of peek-a-boo.

IMG_7349 (1365x2048) IMG_7366 (1362x2048) IMG_7412 (1364x2048)IMG_7447 (2048x1353) IMG_7397 (2048x1365)IMG_7469 (1365x2048) IMG_7451 (2048x1365)