Kim, Derek, and Matthew because he’s 2!

I have never been more grateful for parents’ supervision than I was during this session!  Matthew is an energetic and fearless 2 year old boy!  He is also a great talker.  We started off our session by the lake, throwing rocks in, where he was one foot in, and would have had gone for a swim had mom and dad not been there to pull him back.  Then we crossed the bridge and went over to the farm village, Matthew announcing that he was running the whole way.  We found some more water to explore over there in a little man-made stream.  Matthew was ready to dive in head first!  Thankfully, dad has quick hands!  I also happened to capture that moment.  Looking and smiling pics are great, but that one captures their family and their life at this stage better than any other!  We finished our session by the tractor, where Matthew happily announced he was playing on the tractor, and was sad to say goodbye at the end of our session.  Kudos to these parents for happily keeping up with their energetic boy, and if you can ever find a way to bottle his leftover energy, you’ll be billionaires!

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