Vera, Pedro, Isabella, Kylie, and Amelia

This family was referred to me by another family whose portraits I have taken.  I love referrals, b/c it usually means the client has seen my work and already expects something great, which makes me that much more determined to deliver!

I love their bright colors and sunset lighting to match at the beach. We had low tide and calm waters, which made for some fun seaside photos towards the end of our shoot.

IMG_0338_composite 2_2048  IMG_0404_2048 (2)IMG_0407_2048 (2)IMG_0506_2048 (2)IMG_0558-2048 IMG_0588-2048 IMG_0643_compositeIMG_0455_2048 (2)IMG_0626_2048 IMG_0549-2048Perez Composite 4_2048