Hollywood Beach Lifestyle Family Photographer | Twirling Dresses

You guuuuyyyyyyssssss, this session was EVERYTHING!!! This family visits South Florida every Thanksgiving from Chicago, and for the past 3 years, I’ve gotten to take their fall family photos. Our most recent session was at Hollywood beach on Thanksgiving morning, so it was pretty quiet. It was also just the right amount of overcast so no one was super squinty, and the skies were blue. But even if we had full sun, we were going for it anyway, shadows and all!

Mom dressed the girls in these AMAZING dresses which were just made for twirling! (Hanna Anderson). There was beach play on the sand and in the water, and on the broadwalk, and a snack, and the playground, and we finished our session with a run through the fountain.

And this session was magic. The magic happens when you relax in front of the camera. When you stop looking at me and start enjoying each other. And sure, I’ll give you direction to do that awesomely enjoyable thing you just did from a different angle or in a different direction, b/c that’s what lifestyle photography is, but really. Let go and allow the moments to overtake you, because they’ll overtake me too, and then you’ll have a gallery that looks like this!