Lauren, Evan, and Jack are almost 4!

What a great session to kick off 2016, definitely setting the bar high for the year!  This family is visiting family in South Florida from their home up North, and contacted me to capture them, as they are a soon to be family of four!  We met at one of my favorite parks.  I’d only shot there once before, but I was again impressed by its beauty, and can’t wait to get back there with my own family to explore.  The light through the trees is my favorite, and there are some spots where I felt like I could just stand there all day and shoot until I filled up my memory card! Well, maybe not all day, b/c the light would move, but, I seriously loved it.

And I loved working with these people, too!  Mom took my advice for photographing young toddler boys, which is to bring something he likes playing with, but she wouldn’t mind being in the pictures.  She also didn’t over-correct him and let him do his thing, even when that included throwing his shoe in the river (we did get the shoe back with the help of some volunteers)!  We of course encouraged him to look my way occasionally, but this gentle approach allowed him to feel like he was there to play, which really allowed me to capture his personality and moments that are ‘so you’ for this family!

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