Anna, Jonathan, Coral, and Zoe

I feel so lucky to get to photograph families like this, who’ve been with me since near when I started.  This mom does a great job styling her family for their sessions, and this year decided to take a break from the fancy hair and dresses for the laid back street feel of Wynwood.  Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love shooting there, and once again, we were able to find and explore a different set of street art in the area than I had on previous visits.  We shot through the overhead clouds and drizzly skies, and even stopped in a store for a rain delay.  When the rain stopped, we went right back out and continued shooting!  Of course, the only reason the rain stopped is b/c dad and I went back to the car for more umbrellas.  We all know it would have kept raining if we hadn’t.

At the end of our session, this family sent birthday balloons to Jensyn (read his story here), and mom fed Zoe.  I loved being able to capture this.  Most moms who nurse will never forget the look of their baby’s eyes staring at you as they feed, and it was great to be able to preserve that memory. 

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