New England in May

My cousin got married in NY this past May (congrats, guys!), so we made a trip out of it and visited my hubby’s grandma in Newport, RI and toured Boston.  We had an amazing time, of which I was able to capture some really great shots, which I’m excited to finally be sharing with you here. 

IMG_8946 (1348x2048)  IMG_0244 (1365x2048)  IMG_0154_BLUR (1365x2048)IMG_8972 (2048x1365)  IMG_8975 (2048x1365)IMG_0090 (2) (2048x1367)  IMG_0211 (2048x1365)
IMG_9808 (1365x2048)  IMG_9101 (1365x2048)  IMG_9055 (1365x2048)IMG_9814 (2048x1365)  IMG_9897 (2048x1364)
IMG_0005 (1365x2048)  IMG_0138 (1365x2048)  IMG_9908 (1365x2048)IMG_9136 (2048x1365)  IMG_5591 (2048x1519)
IMG_9916 (1365x2048)  IMG_9913 (1365x2048)  IMG_9920 (1365x2048)