First Visit to Wynwood Walls

After hanging out with Jayden last weekend, we were in the area where I knew the Wynwood Walls to be.  Having never been there, I looked it up, and my iPhone took us where we needed to go.  The boys had a great time and were awed by the art, and enjoyed being able to freely explore.  I enjoyed capturing their exploration!

IMG_3227 (3) (1369x2048)  IMG_3201 (2) (1365x2048)  IMG_3206 (2) (1365x2048)
As you can see, my little one LOVED this colorful rock.
IMG_3216 (2) (1369x2048)  IMG_3222 (2) (2048x1365)  IMG_3218 (2) (1367x2048) IMG_3224 (2) (1365x2048)  IMG_3231 (3) (1364x2048)  IMG_3215 (3) (1365x2048)
We were there at the same time as another non-local family.  I gave them my camera, and they took this great shot of me and my big one, and I returned the favor to capture this family shot of them.  Thank you, whoever you are!
IMG_3223 (2) (1365x2048)  IMG_3237 (2) (2048x1365)  IMG_3240 (2) (1365x2048)