Jacob’s 1st Birthday Party

Last weekend, I had the privilege of taking photos at Jacob’s first birthday party.  He is a happy little boy with a beautiful big sister, loving parents, a loving family, and lots of friends to play with.  He had a lovely get together at his house, and there were so many great moments for me to capture!  Here are some of my favorites.

IMG_4463 (1365x2048) (2)  IMG_3793 (1365x2048) (2)  Jacob upside down (1522x2048)IMG_3858 (2048x1364)  IMG_4099 (2048x1365)IMG_4004 (2048x1365)  IMG_4026 (2048x1364)IMG_3803 (1365x2048)  IMG_4333 (1309 x 1950)  IMG_4034 (1371x2048)Jacob Girlfriend (2048x1517)  Jacob Grandma (2048x1517)IMG_3826 (1359x2048)  Jacob Daddy (2048x1517)  IMG_4366 (1362x2048)IMG_4694 (2048x1365)  IMG_4649 (1366x2048)  IMG_4691 (2048x1365)IMG_4141 (2048x1365)  IMG_4297 (2048x1365)  IMG_4040 (1357x2048)IMG_4500 (1361x2048)  IMG_4327 (2048x1367)  IMG_4789 (1367x2048)IMG_4195 (1365x2048)  IMG_4175 (1365x2048)  IMG_4722 (1464x2048)