Molly With Four Generations of Family

I grew up with Molly’s mommy, Lauren, so whenever she’s in town, I always try to visit.  This visit was my second time meeting Molly, and she’s just as cute as the first time, if not more so!  It was very hard to put my camera down.  It was also very special to be able to capture some 4-generation photos of Molly, her mom, grandma, and great grandma!

IMG_3528 (1365x2048) B&W  IMG_3399 (1365x2048)
IMG_3507 (2) (1365x2048)  IMG_3480_CLONE (2048x1365)  IMG_3485 (1364x2048)IMG_3566 (1462x2048)  IMG_3577 (1365x2048)  IMG_3546 (2048x1365)IMG_3400 (2048x1367)  IMG_3510 (2048x1365)