Hayden’s 6th Birthday Party: Weston, FL Birthday Photographer

Tara and I go way back, like preschool way back, like next time I go to my parents, I’m going to have to dig up a photo for Throwback Thursday on Facebook way back.  But, as we grew up without modern technology, we lost touch for a long time.  We bumped into each other now and then over the years, and re-connected most recently, when I was photographing Jacob’s first birthday.  If you follow my blog, you know I’m a fan of “Small World” stories.  Geographically small in this case, as Jacob and Hayden live next door!

Needless to say, I was looking forward to this event, as Tara had asked me to photograph it very soon after Jacob’s, so it’s been on my calendar for months.  When I got there, she told me to have fun.  That’s the best thing a client can tell me.  When I get the direction to have fun, I do, and it allows me to relax and feel like I’m part of the action, rather than just an observer.  This often translates into captured moments with a little extra punch.

Geek-Out with Erica Sue:  Having photographed several parties at Tag Gymnastics in Weston, I was familiar with what to expect, but I also know it hasn’t been my favorite venue to light.  Don’t let the bright fluorescent lights fool you.  When you’re photographing action as quick as you find at a children’s gymnastics party, you need good lighting.  This time I brought a second flash, and changed things up with my on-camera flash, and my results improved dramatically.  I also used my new camera with higher ISO (previously discussed here), all of which lead to a successful shoot.  I never stop learning and trying new things to capture the moments that are So You!

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