Felisha and Jordan are getting married (again)

Let me start by saying, this session was AWESOME!!! This beautiful couple has been married for 5 years, and this fall will be doing so again at their church, followed by a celebration. So I suggested we get together for a photo shoot so we could get to know each other before the big day.

We met at Hollywood Beach, and took some creative shots with some of the architecture there, then headed out to the sand and waves for some nature shots. This couple is into music, so Jordan brought his guitar, and Felisha brought a mini piano to incorporate into the session.

Let me add that Jordan's romantic side just melts my heart! Not only did she get several serenades, Felisha also got not one, but TWO dips (both featured below), and they weren't sissy, let me appease my photographer dips. He was totally into it, and it was awesome. In the first he grabbed onto the structure for support, and in the second he took it all the way to the sand. Oh yeah, and when they got into the water at the end, I thought they were both going to go into the water, but he picked her up so she wouldn’t get wet.  How sweet is that?!  You rocked it, Jordan!!

I could totally go on, but I'll save some of my gushing for the wedding, which after this session, I'm looking forward to even more!

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