Nataly and Roy are Expecting

The third time really is a charm! Nataly and I had to reschedule this shoot twice - once due to a scheduling conflict, and once due to thunderstorms. But since we waited so long, I had the pleasure of shooting this couple's pregnancy reveal!

I love when my clients have an idea of what they want for their shoot, and we are able to communicate to turn their vision into lovely images. Nataly and Roy had this beautiful spot all picked out. It was new for me, but new locations are always fun. We found some great backdrops by this open space on the bay. Nataly was prepared with props too, including a sign, and pink and blue ribbons and balloons so that when they find out their baby's gender, they will already have the photos to announce it to their family and friends! I hope to get to see you guys again as your family grows. Congratulations!

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