Rachael and Jonathan welcome Stella!

I couldn’t go visit my new cousin and her parents without bringing my camera!  So I told Rachael this, and she and Jonathan were camera-ready for my visit this past Sunday.  In fact, I was visiting the same time as our aunt, who was so impressed with how well put-together these new parents were, just shy of a week after giving birth!  Let’s just say that I didn’t do newborn photos with my first born.  Stella is an absolute doll, both asleep and awake, in particular, when she is so alert and engaged!  Her parents are also a joy to photograph.  I love the first photo of them on the couch.  I think they look like a moviestar couple in an editorial photoshoot for a magazine!  Congratulations to this family, and I look forward to capturing more of this little one as she grows!

IMG_4112 (2)IMG_4123IMG_4157IMG_4135 (2)IMG_4195IMG_4203 (2)IMG_4240IMG_4268 (2)