Diana & Tom’s Engagement

This lovely couple will be celebrating the new year this January with their wedding!  So we met yesterday at my favorite park to take their engagement pictures.  We were going to be exploring a new part of the park that I’d checked out earlier in the day with my kids.  I’ve been here to take tons of pictures, but had never ventured over to the green bridge before.  It was a perfectly romantic and picturesque spot for this photo session!  Diana was happy and easy-going, and Tom kept me on my toes, taking my directions literally.  When I would say, ooh, that’s a great spot, stop right there, he would freeze.  When we were on the bridge and I asked them to look towards the water, he looked towards the water on the opposite side of the bridge.  He even cleverly popped his heel up for their waterfront kiss – gotcha (see below)!  He had Diana and I laughing the entire time, and I’m looking forward to capturing more of their smiles next year!

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