Rachel, Greg, Ellie, and Cullen

For the past few years, this family has had their annual family portrait taken by my mentor, the best wedding photographer in the business, Ricky Stern, and this year, I was to have that honor!  Needless to say, I had big shoes to fill!  This family made it easy though, as they were AMAZING with giving me great candid moments. It's a tough balance between poses and free-for-all so insane I can't capture you, and they nailed it.  I always say to just be yourselves in front of the camera and I’ll be able to capture the moments that are “So You”, and this family did just that.

This was a special on-location session, as they recently moved into this house, and wanted to capture that memory.  Lucky for us both, behind them to the West is a golf course, which means lovely golden hour sunset lighting.  Cullen is also lucky enough to have a drain in his front yard so he can say hello to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles any time he wants!  I wish this family many more happy memories in their new home!

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