Bella’s Newborn Portraits

I was introduced to this mom when she first moved to Florida around a decade ago, and we’ve kept in touch via Facebook.  I was so excited when she called me to schedule a newborn session, b/c from the Facebook pictures I’ve seen, Bella is beautiful!  Meeting her in person was even more special, especially since today she celebrates her 1st month!  This means she spent much of her session alert, and showing off those baby blues! 

My style for newborn photography typically includes the parents, but this session was to focus on baby only.  Mom and I strategized beforehand, and I suggested pulling out whatever blankets, shawls, bows, and other props she might want to photograph Bella with.  I prefer this to carrying a large stock of my own props, because then they are more personal and tell a story.  And mom did a great job!  I especially love the different textures in the first photo, with some ruffly pillows, a neutral bow, and a beautiful, sentimental shawl.  She also has the accessories for all the major NY sports from mom’s home state!  Congrats on the new addition to your family, and I hope to get her in front of my camera again as she grows!