Rebecca and Miki's Thanksgiving Wedding in NY

Even when I’m a guest at a wedding, I can’t help but experience the event through my photography, so I went ahead and brought my camera.  I traveled light, with one flash and my lightest lens (I normally have several of each), and enjoyed capturing some moments of my family as we celebrated with Rebecca and Miki. 

They had a traditional Jewish wedding, where the men and women greeted guests separately.  The groom makes his way to the bride accompanied by dancing and singing and peeks under the veil to confirm he has the right bride.  Following the ceremony, they had a joyous celebration. 

Thursday night after the wedding, the family got to celebrate again for Thanksgiving.  After the meal, the blessings from the wedding ceremony were repeated over a glass of wine.  There are 7 blessings, which will be repeated for 7 nights following their wedding!  What a way to start a life together, surrounded by blessings and family and friends.  I was happy to make the trip to celebrate, and equally happy to have captured these moments.  I look forward to celebrating more happy moments with this family!

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