Terry, Tara, Layla and Luke at Learning Express

I love getting to photograph families multiple times.  It’s so much fun to see the kids grow!  I also love how the kids start to remember me and my camera, and I love how every session is different.  This session was originally scheduled for the park today, but the weather had other plans.  I called around to some local candy shops and toy stores so we could move our session indoors, and Learning Express in Pembroke Pines loved the idea!  The kids had a great time, and we got some lovely portraits in the process.  Tara got some of her holiday shopping done, and so did I!

I had spoken to Ashley on the phone yesterday, so she knew to expect us today.  And she was there today, and helped me pick out great gifts for my boys.  She was super helpful and gave me demos of most of the toys I was interested in.  I got a $20 off $100 coupon, which was great, and they wrapped everything for me for free!  How can you beat that?!  When I got home, the boys were begging to open their presents.  I said no, but offered to bring them there after dinner to spend some of their own money, which they did, on nerf guns, which I had not purchased.

Thank you to Learning Express for a great photo location and a great shopping experience, and thank you to this family for being open to trying out a new location with me and trusting me to capture your beautiful children!

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