Ice Cream Store Mini Session with Rachel, Greg, Ellie, and Cullen

I was out doing a beach session a few weeks ago, and on my way back to my car passed this adorable ice cream shop, Sloan’s in Lauderdale by the Sea!  I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting photo spots, so I approached the owner and asked if she’d be open to me scheduling some family photo sessions at the store.  She was up for it (thanks Debbie!), and I posted the idea on my Facebook page.  The response was overwhelming!  I had 2 sessions this past weekend, and have 11 more coming up 2 weeks later!  The awesomeness of this session made me that much more excited for the rest.  Could this family be any cuter?!  I just love how their bright colors compliment the brightness of the store!  And it was great how the environment really allowed me to capture some genuine family moments, including happiness!  Who wouldn’t be happy in an ice cream shop with candy, a moving model train, and the smell of fresh waffle cones?!

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