Marni and Brett’s Wedding

This weekend, another one of my cousins went from Miss to Mrs. at a beautiful celebration in New York, NY at Cipriani Wall Street.  And once again, instead of taking cel phone pictures, I used my camera (and some extra gear that I brought along on this trip) to capture some special moments from the event.  The bride and groom were absolutely glowing, and I know this will sound cliché, but it’s absolutely true that Marni appeared happier than I’ve ever seen her from the moment she walked down the aisle until the band played its last note.  She looked absolutely stunning, and I would have expected nothing less from this fashion blogger (check out Style on the Rise).  Their party was like a candy shop for this photographer, from the architecture and lighting of the venue, to the flowers, and not to mention the party hearty band, and guests.  There was confetti for the first dance, an energetic hora, stage dancing, and both the bride and groom being lifted into the air more than once!  I wish Marni and Brett the best in their life together, and if this weekend was any indication, it’s gonna be a great one!

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