Matt and Kevin’s Wedding

Matt and Kevin were married this weekend at their alma mater, the University of Miami.  We began the afternoon with some portraits in the shelter of the new student center, which overlooks the campus’ iconic lake, because the sunshine state isn’t always sunny.  The ceremony was held at the school’s alumni center, where while we were dry inside, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Much love and hugs were exchanged over cocktails, followed by a joyous celebration.  There were welcome speeches, a song by the bridal party, a flash mob dance, and a music video slide show.  The table cards were hand drawn by Matt, and upon his request, we re-created a wedding photo his parents took many years earlier.  It was a pleasure to have captured the love and energy shared by and for this couple, and that they carry that love and energy throughout their life together as husbands!

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