Harry Potter Bookstore Session!

I first met the youngest in the group for his Valentine’s day session this past February.  He had brought a Harry Potter broom with him, and his mom and I got to talking about how he and his other siblings are huge Harry Potter fans, and wouldn’t it be fun to do a Harry Potter themed session.  Yesterday, we brought that vision to life.  I recently discovered the Second Edition Book Shop, which has been named multiple times as the best in our county, and have been waiting for the perfect book-loving family to photograph here.  Thank you so much to Danielle for sharing your lovely space with us, and we were so excited to have The Great Catsby (who bears a striking resemblance to Hermione’s cat Crookshanks) join us for our first shot!

Based on this inspiring session, the kids started off in their regular clothes, hanging out and reading Harry Potter books.  They climbed the ladder to get their Olivander’s wands, and then it was like their imaginations came to life, as they donned their Hogwarts cloaks in the bookstore, and then in the woods.  They cast a spell on Scabbers the rat, hung out with Hedwig the owl, Fawkes the Phoenix, and Norbert the dragon, reached for the golden snitch, and made their Firebolt rise “up”. I’m typically not one for Photoshop, but the eldest sister and I set up some great action shots that demanded it, so I obliged and was able to arrange a chase by a Hungarian Horntail dragon, a mermaid in the lake, and a meeting with Buckbeak the Hippogriff.  We all had a great time.  Who wants to bring their favorite literary characters to life next?!  I’d love to do this again!

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