Sharon, Jason, and Zachary celebrate Emma's First Birthday

So many babies are celebrating first birthdays these past few weeks, and I’m honored to be capturing them!  One of the things I love about shooting these sessions is that although the elements are similar, the photos never are, because each family and each child brings their own unique personality to the mix.  And there was plenty of personality here!  From the moment we were introduced as we were getting out of the car, Zachary and I were talking like old friends.  He invited me over to his house to see his bumblebee flowers, and we took turns coming up with photo ideas and poses.  Emma babbles quite a bit too.  I’m sure she can’t wait to have conversations with her big brother!  After successful family photos, we took some of Emma by herself, and mom had such fun props planned!  She then tried her cake, which she could have cared less about, and finally she got to clean off in the bath, which she loved!  Happy birthday little lady!

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