Joni, Adam, Brice, and Rose

I live near the Old Davie School and spontaneously did a photo session there a few months back.  I’ve been itching to return, and finally did so with this wonderful family.  I also officially have permission and paid the photo fee for this location, so I can continue shooting there with anyone who’d like for the next year!  It was a very relaxed atmosphere, which complemented this family’s sweetness perfectly.  We found some great spots for them to hang out, and I snapped away as they enjoyed each others’ company.  A favorite moment is when I asked them to walk towards me, mom and dad were holding hands.  Dad spontaneously kissed mom’s hand, and when I got the photos on the computer, I noticed a butterfly in the frame!  I could not have planned that if I tried!  K family, it was a pleasure photographing you, and I hope to do so again soon!

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