Wynwood Walls Photoshoot: Jaclyn, Keith, Kylee, Jordy, and Lexi

With every session, I try to take the best photographs of that family that have ever been taken and will ever be taken.  For repeat clients, that means I’m constantly challenging and pushing myself to be better, and for a first time family like this one, I’m setting myself up for a really big challenge next time!  Mom is too, because she nailed her girls' styling with matching tutus and tanks for the twins and alternating colors for older sis.  And I just love that the girls accessorized themselves with those bracelets and necklaces!

I went to High School with Jaclyn and Keith, and we’ve kept in touch via Facebook in recent years.  Keith and I actually grew up around the corner from each other!  It was great to see them and their family and capture their fun and togetherness!  Let's not wait 19 years to see each other again!