Christina and Eammon welcome Lincoln

I always enjoy photographing newborns in their homes, but there’s definitely something to be said for getting outdoors as a new family, especially in the lovely Florida ‘winter’ weather!  And for a baby like Lincoln who was awake for our entire hour together, a new environment gave him plenty to look at!  At the end, I gave it one last shot to hopefully capture him having a sleepy moment on dad’s chest, and he instead gave me some intense tummy time action.  That is one strong baby, like his mama (who I know from the gym)!  He did the usual baby activities of eating and others requiring diaper changes, but these parents handled it all like pros, with a sense of calm and love for each other and their new baby.  Thank you for inviting me to freeze time in your first few weeks together, and I hope to see more of Lincoln as he grows!

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