As the sun sets on Sunday Funday

Today was really beautiful on many levels.  We spent time together as a family and with friends, and the weather was just gorgeous.  We’ve had some more hot and humid and rainy weather lately than is typical for this time of year, so we were super excited to have a cool and breezy day.  I’m so thankful for the delay of summer a bit longer and a bit more spring!

Pretty much every day, I notice the sunset either from my building at work or as I’m leaving work, and always wish I was somewhere with an unobstructed westerly view, b/c there’s just something about photographing sunsets that makes my heart sing!  Well, as we were driving home from dinner tonight, I could tell the sunset was going to be lovely, so the kids grabbed their kites, I grabbed my camera, and we set off for the highest point I know of in our area to enjoy the breeze and the sunset.  What a great ‘So You’ end to our day!

Kite Sunset silhouette-8596Kite Sunset silhouette-8601Kite Sunset silhouette-8603Kite Sunset silhouette-8617Kite Sunset silhouette-8619Kite Sunset silhouette-8622Kite Sunset silhouette-8635Kite Sunset silhouette-8638Kite Sunset silhouette-8646Kite Sunset silhouette-8660 (2)Kite Sunset silhouette-8666 (2)Kite Sunset silhouette-8667 (2)Kite Sunset silhouette-8676Kite Sunset silhouette-8677Kite Sunset silhouette-8681Kite Sunset silhouette-8689 (2)Kite Sunset silhouette-8706Kite Sunset silhouette-8718