Jessica, Mike, Shoshana, and Samara are almost 5! Lifestyle Family Photo Session

There’s something really special about lifestyle photography, which is why I’m moving towards it more and more in my work.  And there’s something even more special about a family that allows you to capture it. 

We’ve been conditioned to seek that perfect family portrait where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera, and yes, I can nail that shot for you.  But those shots are lacking in feeling and connection, which makes them a good snapshot of your family in time, but let’s face it, are rather boring.  Then you have these.  In each one, the family is playing, and loving, and connecting, and having fun with each other, and when you look at these images, you can feel it.  It gives me the goosebumps to describe it!  And that’s what I want to capture in my imagery.  I want you to look back at your photos and not only remember what you looked like, but what it felt like.  I want mom to feel those little hands on her head or on her cheek, and I want dad to remember those little arms around his neck and the hum of laughter in his ear. 

This family was an absolute joy to photograph!  I think their images tell their story much better than my words ever could.  And sessions at Wynwood (one of my favorite places to photograph families) really lend themselves nicely to child-led family fun.  Sessions at Wynwood go something like this:  Hey – see that wall over there – I love it!  Why don’t we gather in front of it and hang out… hang out… snap snap snap… kids lose interest… Let’s go exploring … Hey – look at that one!…

wynwood-walls-miami-family-photo-session-maternity-1143 (2)
wynwood-walls-miami-family-photo-session-maternity-1223 (2)
wynwood-walls-miami-family-photo-session-maternity-1367 (2)
wynwood-walls-miami-family-photo-session-maternity-1423 (2)
wynwood-walls-miami-family-photo-session-maternity-1526 (2)
wynwood-walls-miami-family-photo-session-maternity-1446 (2)