Ramah Darom Winter Break Family Camp 2016

A friend of mine from High School has been going to a local family camp for several years, and whenever she posts her pictures on Facebook, I say to myself, gosh, I’d really love to go to family camp!  So this winter, we did!  We joined about 40 other families from mostly the Southeastern United States (with a few from the Northeast and Canada) at Camp Ramah Darom in Georgia for 5 days and nights.  While we were there, we did activities as families, with just kids, and just adults.  We celebrated Hanukkah as a community and shared meals together.  And I got to participate as both a camper and as the photographer!  This dual role was challenging at times, but mostly fun.  I even got to teach a Photography 101 class!  Along the way, I (with the help of my husband when I was up on the ropes course) was able to capture lots of So You moments of our camp experience!