My Life: Halloween Trick-or-Treating

I've always enjoyed Halloween.  I love the anticipation of deciding what you're going to be this year, the challenge and creativity of making costumes (most years), watching as your neighbors' Halloween decorations go up, dressing up and getting ready to go, more anticipation as the sun sets and the air cools, walking around in the dark, knocking on doors, that moment of mutual appreciation when they open the door, the sound of the candy hitting your bucket, how that sound becomes less hollow as the night goes on, how your bag becomes heavier, dumping out your candy when you get home, the bright fun colors of your candy pile, the sweet taste of candy on your tongue, taking your costume off, showering, and going to bed completely satisfied. 

As a photographer, I enjoy trying to capture the feeling of Halloween, of trick-or-treating, of community, of hospitality, of meeting new neighbors, of joy.  While my camera can't capture the sound, or the cool air, or the sweet taste, I think it can capture this.  And I like to shoot Halloween with available light and capture how that light changes from house to house, how it changes when the door opens, and fun that goes with it!